Translation services

Financial Translation Services

Our experienced financial translators have extensive experience in the translation of all types of financial documents. Our financial translation services cover for example annual reports and financial newsletters. They truly specialize in financial content. Our financial translation services are trusted by top-rated companies.

Technical Translation Services

We have been specializing in technical translation services of engineering documents for over 10 years now. Ecrivus International is the global leader in technical translation services. Our linguists have a solid background in engineering and technology. With a proven track-record in technical translations, you can fully rely on our services.

Legal Translation Services

Ecrivus International is a leading language service provider of legal translation services. Our translation services are trusted by top law firms and legal departments of multinationals worldwide. We offer translations for complex legal cases, often consisting of hundreds of (foreign-language) documents per case.

Tourism Translation Services

We offer high-quality tourism, travel and leisure translation services in over 225 languages to one of world’s largest airlines, travel agents and hotel groups.
Travel, leisure and tourism businesses worldwide trust the translation services of Ecrivus International for their multilingual content.

Marketing Translation Services

We translate marketing documents and prepare them for local markets in over 180 countries. A marketing translation not only consists of translating from the source language to the target language. Our marketing translators specialize in writing and transcreating the text into a persuasive text, calling the target audience to action.

Website translation and localization service

We provide high-quality website translations and localization by specialised native speaker translators. If you’re interested in expanding your online presence in international markets, you’ve come to the right place. Our website translation services enable communication with potential clients in global markets.

Interpreting services

Interpreting services for all occasions

Ecrivus International offers five different types of interpreting services: Consecutive Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Over-The-Phone Interpretation and Video-Remote Interpreting. We currently offer over 225 languages: the ideal solution for multilingual events. Our interpreting services can be offered worldwide. If you’d like to learn more about our interpreting services and to see which solution is right for you, click on Read More.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

Whether your upcoming meeting is scheduled for a small board room or a large conference center, delivering important event messages to a multilingual audience requires the use of special interpretation equipment. It is critical for each interpreter to hear the presenter clearly as well as to hear their own voice during translation. Ecrivus International offers a broad range of interpreting equipment to meet the specific needs for your multilingual event, presentation or group tour.


Editing, proofreading and QA

Editing Services

We detect and correct any errors in spelling and grammar, punctuation, double content, redundancies, word order, style, terminology and vocabulary, double and trailing spaces, inconsistencies, lay-out, links and references.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading a document before releasing it to the target audience is essential. You want to ensure that your content is free from any language errors before it is published on your website, distributed to customers or sent to print.

Language Quality Assurance (QA)

At Ecrivus International, you can rest assured that we take our commitment towards QA very seriously. Our business is built on improving quality standards, so that you receive the best possible language solutions.

Top-Quality Language Services

Copywriting, SEO & Transcreation

Copywriting Services

Our copywriting service is a great extension of our multilingual SEO (SEO copywriting) and localisation services. Google®, as well as other search engines, have put great emphasis on websites keeping their content relevant, up-to-date and SEO optimized.

Multilingual SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and multilingual SEO has developed into a key asset in marketing strategies over the last few years. Website optimisation is an ideal solution to attract more visitors and increase conversion and revenues. Click the button below for more information.

Transcreation Services

We offer a consistent global customer experience with our transcreation services. Our highly trained in-country professionals are experts in linguistics, marketing and creative copywriting. Whichever product or service you are selling, we transcreate in any field of expertise.

Voice-over, Transcription & Consultancy

Voice-Over Services

Voice Recording Services for Apps, Commercials, Corporate Videos, E-Learning, Games, Internet, Telephony and TV & Radio Programs. We have the voice over that matches your production perfectly. We’re one of the world’s largest in Voice-Over, Translation and Professional Language Solutions.

Transcription Services

A transcription service will convert speech into a written or digital text document. There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, contact us today for more information.

Language Consultancy Services

We offer the most complete language consultancy services on the market today. We are the only agency worldwide being able to offer language consultation services in over 225 languages. At Ecrivus International, we’re language experts in every sense of the word. Try our exclusive language consultancy services today.

Other Services

Ecrivus International is a translation and interpreting agency for all languages. Our team of professionals will happily help you to deal with any language issue.

We can offer you language and translations services in any language – from interpreting services to translations of any document – including websites, manuals, e-mails, letters, books and magazines.